Meet your new recruiting assistant

Combine automated text interviews with job posts to streamline hiring.

Zero to recruiting team in five minutes

Let Trommelo start working for you.

STEP:1 Job post details

Enter in your standard job information including the job title, description, location, contract type, and category.

STEP 2: Interview

Select from our templates to choose a conversation to have with each of your applicants.

STEP 3: Results

Review interviews and candidate profile's.

Why text messaging?

We want to make it easy to apply, increase the number of applicants, and create a better candidate experience. After a few fields are filled out, Trommelo will reach out immediately to start the interview. Most systems require CV's and multiple steps to get started, missing out on passive candidates or busy, on the go candidates.

Trommelo Features

Features for any size business

Custom branded for your business.

Upload your logo and take advantage of our modern design.

Choose from our templates to create a dynamic dialogue.

Our templates grab the critical candidate and job post details on the fly, to make our dialogues personal, effective, and engaging.


Dive deep into candidate experience relevant specifically to your role. Find more about each candidate's invidual experience. See how their experience relates to other candidates and how they can help your company.


Passively learn more about your candidate's technical abilities. See how their skills stack up with other candidates for technical roles.


Can your candidates mock up with HTML and Javascript? What applications are your candidates profecient in?

Utilize the latest tech.

We believe in taking advantage of modern technology. We've added 2 Factor authentication for security and engagement benefits.

Make it effortless for candidates that apply on the go.

We know how critical it is for candidates to apply on their phone. Our mobile friendly layout streamlines their experience.

We do the work.

If you have 10 or 100 candidates, we will start a conversation with them immediately. Let us start the dialogue and pick up where you see best fit for your needs.


Contact us today so we can show you how Trommelo works.

Trommelo and SXSW Partnership

Trommelo and SXSW partner up for the third year in a row.

Post on the SXSW Job Board

Trommelo will be availble exclusively for SXSW Job Market exhibitors and select clients. Take advantage of the unique partnership to reach candidates at one of the most prestigious tech events in the country.

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