Achieve Better Recruiting Results with Predictive Analytics

At Your Fingertips.

Job posts with a twist

Find the top candidates through a conversation or competition.

STEP:1 Job Post Details

Enter in your standard job information including the job title, job description, and job location.

STEP 2: Dialogue

Select from our templates to choose a conversation to engage with each of your applicants. Want to create your own? Just ask.

STEP 3: Results

Once posted, applicants will exchange information with our application via text message or online. All of the results will be organized and ranked for you to review.

Make Recruiting Easier

We have taken the application process and made it much more personal. While boosting the engagement numbers on your job post, we are simultaneously ranking applicants for you. Create your own dialouge of questions or use our preset templates.

Two Products, One Goal.

Engage with candidates via text or give them a chance to compete head-to-head.

Trommelo Messaging is changing job posts.

By reinventing the job post, candidate engagement increases while simultaneously highlighting the top applicants. Trommelo Messaging creates a dialouge with candidates that is personal and effective.

Job competitions remove bias and creates equal playing field.

Competitive assessments level the playing field. The top finishers are the best candidates and their resumes should be read first. Utilizing Job competitions, no one gets overlooked, companies gain access to the best talent and there's no need to read through scores of resumes to find them.

Trommelo + SXSW

Hire with Trommelo at one of the biggest Tech Festivals in the country.

Post on the SXSW Job Board or take the Stage.

SXSW will be promotoing the SXSW Job Board from October 1st until the SXSW Event in March. Attending SXSW? Grab some space at the EXPO or take the stage! SXSW will produce two Trommelo live events on stage for each day of the Job Market.

Take me to SXSW!